Kid Style: Easter Outfits for Kids Under $20

Need style inspiration for Easter? We found some hip and adorable Spring outfit sets for children all priced under $20 at Walmart.  The kids fancy these new outfits and were all over doing a cute outdoor photo shoot with to showcase their new threads. Here’s the scoop on our Easter Outfits for KidsUnder $20: 

Fancy Spring Outfits for Kids Under $20 for Kids

Easter Outfits For Kids Under $20

My Kindergarten son Kyle, age 6,  is styling in a 4 piece suit set from GEORGE priced at $19.97. It comes complete with pants, dress shirt, tie, and vest. He’s NEVER owned a suit or fancy vest before so thought this was awesome. He thought it was especially cool when I let him climb trees while wearing his Easter outfit. He’ll be on an egg hunt soon enough in this number so I figure he might as well break it in!

Kyle styling in the Trees

Little boys grow so fast I’ve never considered buying Kyle any type of suit for Easter. Normally, he just wears a cute sweater vest, but when the 4 piece set sold for under $20 I thought it was a cute idea and so did he…… as you can tell he LOVES playing the DAPPER DAN!

This GEORGE 4 piece suit set is also available in a variety of color ways but tan is definitely their best seller this season as the tan and aqua are very on trend.

kids easter fashion with bunnies

Kenzie is wearing a 2 piece Chiffon and Legging set that I bought for $13.97 but is now on sale for $11.00 at

I thought it would be fun for Kenzie to wear this whimsical fancy chiffon top with comfy bright colorful leggings and sandals instead of going the traditional route of the frilly Easter Dress. This way she can enjoy wearing her special Easter outfit on other special occasions  as this Chiffon top can work at both very fancy occasions and those special events that lie somewhere in between!

Chiffon 2 Piece Girls spring set

Girls sometimes love the FREEDOM of an Easter outfit that lets them easily run, play, and jump in the in the grass with the boys without being constrained by layers of lace. Especially when an egg hunt is involved on Easter Sunday that we usually top off with a family game of soccer or baseball with the cousins!

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