Easter with the Cousins!

The kids just keep on growing up but it’s so wonderful to see them all having even more fun together. The day was action packed full of egg hunts, soccer games, play performances and eating lots of sweets!

We captured this perfect shot of Kenzie and Kyle with their cousins Lindsay, Taylor, Jordyn, Olivia, Emily, and Kate all perched on a rock after the egg hunt.

And Kyle has finally learned to smile!

Here’s the kids racing around the yard seeking out their eggs. Such a great time! And outdoor egg hunts are a real challenge too – even for the parents when we try to help!

One more fun shot from the rock photo shoot

2 thoughts on “Easter with the Cousins!”

  1. You have a beautiful family. I love when kids race for eggs, in their dresses and dress shirts. . My 16 year old nephew also looking for eggs with the little kids you are never too old.

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