Easy as Pie No Bake Holiday Desserts 

Who wants to be a slave in kitchen over the holidays??? Not me! Instead, I love options for “no bake” desserts that are ultra simple to whip together. These mini cordial glasses that sell for only $2.97 at Walmart and these mini graham cracker pie crusts from Keebler make dessert time so easy. You can get creative with whatever mix-ins you want – from pudding to fruit to crushed oreo cookies. Top it all off whipped cream for the tasty win!

The kids will love devouring these and will really enjoy being the ones to make them up for guests before entertaining. Truly easy enough for my 7 and 10 year old to make. They don’t need to look picture perfect – everyone will love eating them and less work means more time to spend together with family!

Easy as Pie No Bake Holiday Desserts


Simple Jar Desserts or Personal Mini Pies for Guests

Let the kids attending your holiday soriee whip together the creations however they like! They can do this in advance of the guests arrival or make it a really fun “party” activity to keep the kids busy while you can enjoy entertaining and conversing with guests.

As you can tell, these photos arent’ exactly “Martha Stewart” worthy – but they are REAL desserts made by REAL kids. Totally simple.

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