Easy Creative Back to School Sandwich Ideas

Surprise and inspire the kids to eat that lunchbox sandwich daily with the simple idea to transform your ordinary sandwich with the help of some cookie cutters or use a tortilla wrap up and slice it up and then package it to look like a caterpillar. Fun! Check out our Easy Creative Back to School Sandwich Ideas below. Trust me, these are a cinch and even this Mama who pinterest fails weekly could manage the below creations!

Super Simple Easy Creative back to school lunchbox ideas

Take a peek at our photos and video to see the fun we had in the kitchen!



Video of Creative Back to School Sandwich Ideas with Cookie Cutters

Add some fun to your child’s lunchbox with these cute ideas that I learned about during my visit to Walmart‘s headquarters this summer when Kraft, Smucker’s and Yoplait shared all kinds of simple creative ideas with us.


We’ve got a handful of cute cookie cutters at home and these work perfectly to cut out favorite shapes, designs or seasonal looks for any sandwich. Here’s a video of 8 year old Kenzie even making her own cut-out sandwich. My kids LOVE our Mickey Mouse cookie cutter since we’re Disney fans.

How To Make a Caterpillar Sandwich

Making the Caterpillar sandwich is super easy. You can use a rolling pin to thin out your bread and then make a sandwich or my easy trick is to just chop up a Tortilla roll up sandwich into segments! Plus the kids like the change of pace of eating a tortilla roll up versus ordinary bread.

Next, wrap in saran and pop on pipe cleaner legs and antenna, then drop on sticky google eyes and draw a face. Complete!



 Decorate a Banana to Surprise the Kids

Another easy fun surprise is to just doodle little faces on your kids Bananas. Mine love to see what kind of sketch I draw each day!

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