Easy DIY Aromatherapy Heating Pad Inspired by #MyDawnSummer @DawnDish

I’m a fan of Dawn Dish soap as we find NOTHING cuts the grease while doing dirty dishes like the power of Dawn. Nothing else ever compares and now Dawn launched a new line called Dawn Destinations. Dawn Destinations combines the grease fighting power of Dawn dish soap with the exotically inspired scents of the Mediterranean, New Zealand and Thailand to make the ordinary dishwashing experience extraordinary. 

Dawn Destinations

We tested these out and as expected loved the power of Dawn and found it refreshing to have new scents in our kitchen sink during dish time.


New DAWN DESTINATIONS Scents Now Available

  • Mediterranean Lavender
  • Thai Dragon Fruit
  • New Zealand Springs

DIY Aromatherapy Heating Pad


Since Dawn wants us Mamas to relax, when they sent me their new samples, they also sent instructions on how to make a DIY Aromatherapy heating pillow. AMAZING. So simple and easy. Simply fill a tube sock 3/4 full with rice. Then, add 15-20 drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil. Lavender works beautifully! Next, either sew or tie up the end of your sock. To use, microwave for 30 seconds to warm.

Kenzie and I made this together. Fun!


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·         A sock

·         Aromatherapy neck and shoulder pillow recipe/how-to

·         A Bottle of Dawn Destination

·         Lavender oil

·         Rice

·         $25 iTunes gift card (for spa music)

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Note: This post is sponsored by the Double Duty Divas and Dawn. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review and craft. As always, all thoughts opinions are my own.

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