Easy Easter Bunny Marshmallow Craft

Here comes Peter Cottontail…. Hopping down the bunny trail! Your kids will adore this super Easy Easter Bunny Marshmallow Craft that is so simple they can finish it in 10 minutes. No mess for Mom either!! Gluing mini marshmallows is satisfying for the kids and great for their motor skills – plus they will love sneaking bites of these tiny treats as they craft away.

Easy Easter Bunny Marshmallow CraftEasy Easter Bunny Marshmallow Craft


Easy Easter Bunny Marshmallow Craft Instructions Video and Photos

Here’s a video showing the craft and how we made it. Easy peasy!

Materials Needed

We adore crafts that are easy to complete and require basic supplies that we’re likely to have in our own cupboards. You can pick up pink pom poms and Wiggly Google Eyes at Walmart for $0.97 per bag! If you don’t have these, you can always just use crayons or markers to color in your nose and eyes too.

  • Construction paper
  • 1 bottle of Elmer’s glue
  • 1 Bag of Mini Marshmallows (Depending on size of bunny – each uses about 50- 100 marshmallows)
  • Wiggly eyes
  •  Pink pom-poms
  •  Pencil & White Crayons
  •  Scissors


Step by Step Directions

1. Draw a bunny on a sheet of Easter colored construction paper and cut it out. Trace this bunny onto the piece of paper you’d like to make your project on.

Older children can draw or trace their own bunny. Younger kids might like Mom to draw, cut, and trace their bunny so their critter is more “shapely”!


2. Squeeze some glue along the outlines of your bunny.


3. Stick mini marshmallows in a row – close together on the glue outlining your bunny.



4. Add eyes, nose, and whiskers if you desire!




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