Easy Homemade Indian and Pilgrim Crafts for Kids

We love to celebrate Thanksgiving with seasonal crafts like these easy homemade indian and pilgrim crafts for kids.

Indian and Pilgrim Crafts

With a little help from Mom and Dad, your preschoolers or young elementary school aged children can literally transform their fashions into Pilgrim or Indian styles using simple materials.

Materials Needed to Make a Homemade Pilgrim or Indian Costume:

Depending on how many ideas shown in our article that you want to make, you’ll need the following materials. Many of these items – like a brown paper bag or white napkin, you likely have at home. For the other materials like construction paper or yarn, you can purchase them at Walmart in their Craft aisle or online at Walmart.com.

A Brown paper bag for your Indian vest

Construction paper for your Indian headdress

White Napkin and black yarn for your Pilgrim bonnet

Crayons, Paint and Glue

Noodles, Fruit Loops, and Yarn for your Indian Necklace. You can dye your noodles in advance with food coloring – easy!

Small foil decoratives to your Indian Headdress (if you want to get fancy!)

 How To Make a Homemade Indian Vest:

Simply use a brown paper bag & cut it down the middle for an open front. Then make cut a hole at the bottom of the bag for the Neck. Add arm sleeves to fit your child and they are ready to party like an Indian. Your child can paint or color their vest however they desire.

Homemade Paper Bag Indian Vest

 How to Make an Indian Headdress

Simple. Just use construction paper and scissors. Trim to fit your child, than staple it shut for the best fit. Let your child cut out feathers in various colors then glue them on their headdress. If the kids would like, they can also glue on foil decoratives to fancy up their headdress.

Indian Headdress

How to Make a Pilgrim Bonnet:

Easy. Just fit a white napkin to your childs head. Fold the front to create a brim. Make a small hole with a pencil on each side of the napkin by your child’s ears and then thread with black string so you can tie it on. Adorable!

Napkin Pilgrim Hat

 How to Make a Homemade Noodle Necklace

Creating an Indian Necklace for kids is super fun as they really enjoy stringing together the noodles and fruit loops. To keep things simple, I recommend only dying your noodles 2 colors. If you aren’t familiar with how to dye noodles, check out this tutorial online on how to make colored noodles and pasta from my friend Marie at Makes & Takes. All you need to do is place your dry uncooked noodles in a ziploc bag, add in a few drops of rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Then, let them dry! (You can alternatively use vinegar instead of rubbing alcohol – whatever you have at home works!)

Homemade Noodle Necklace

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