Easy Video Instructions How To Make a No Sew Fleece Fringe Blanket

I am TOTALLY not the craftiest type when it comes to any type of sewing project, but my kids are always wanting to tackle at home projects to make things themselves. So when I heard about this idea to make a no-sew Fleece Fringe blanket, I was all over it! Kenzie and Kyle have had a BLAST creating these with just a tiny bit of help and direction from Mama too! Check out our Easy Video Instructions How To Make a Fleece Fringe Blanket below. You’ll notice ZERO sewing is required!


Materials Needed for a Fleece Fringe Blanket

Fleece fabric. I recommend buying two various patterns so each side of your blanket can be different! Walmart offers a giant assortment of fleece fabric in a variety of colors and patterns.


Optional: Ruler (But you may want to be more precise in your measurements. As you see in our video, Kenzie and I just go by our gut and approximate! )

Easy Video Instructions How To Make a No Sew Fleece Fringe Blanket

Fleece Fabric at Walmart

There is a plethora of super CUTE and TRENDY fleece fabrics available on sale at Walmart. From Chevron prints to on trend colors like yellow and greys, Walmart has super fun fabrice to choose from.


Kyle started his blanket this week. We are half way finished it and he has actually decided to make it in to a little sleeping bag so we are leaving one end open!


Kenzie hard at work on her blanket!



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