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Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Take a peek at a few easy ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year with your family if you’d like to introduce some new holidays and cultural traditions in your home! The Chinese New Year falls on February 5th so here are a few ideas to get you started if you’d like to incorporate Asian flavors and Chinese New Year traditions to your own mini celebration at home.

 Easy Ways to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Easy Ways to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Take a peek at a few super simple and easy ideas to up your celebration of the Chinese New Year. My kids love any type of occasion or reason to celebrate. Chinese New Year is a great extra little holiday for us to honor since it’s an opportunity to share some other traditions and cultural influences with my kids.

Taste New Flavors

Ling Ling makes it easy to bring the flavors of an Asian Kitchen into your own home. For Chinese New Year, we definitely make it an evening full of yummy Asian food. From Ling Ling’s potstickers to their fried rice, I love the convenience of buying their frozen foods as they taste delish and enable me to make something far more flavorful and complicated than if I was attempting to cook from scratch!  You’ll have a Chinese New Year dinner celebration in under 30 mins – and even faster if you use the microwave!


Potstickers are a favorite in my house and we love the savory dipping sauce that comes with Ling Ling’s Potstickers. You can buy these in 3 different styles too – Chicken & Vegetable, Pork & Vegetable, Vegetable. We always buy the pork and veggie because my husband is allergic to chicken!

IMG_0927Ling Ling’s frozen foods gives me such an easy way to incorporate tasty authentic flavors that the entire family loves!


And whipping up something this good in a frying pan in under 10 mins is a huge win in my life!!!


Find out where to buy Ling Ling at your local grocery stores here.

Gift or Display Oranges

Did you know that the bright happy color of oranges & tangerines is associated with good fortune? During Chinese New Year, both fruits are often displayed as decor and gifted between friends.

Clean the Home

Why not use the excuse of a holiday to inspire the family to clean house? The idea with cleaning the home before the Chinese New Year is to “sweep away the bad luck” that has accumulated inside over the past year. Bonus, by cleaning it, tradition says you are also preparing the house for good luck to start entering it again. Nice!

Note: I read that ideally you don’t clean immediately after the Chinese New Year because you won’t want to sweep away any new good luck that has entered with the start of the new year!

Decorate with Red

Red is the color of good fortune! That’s why you’ll see Red lanterns galore during the Chinese New Year. So decorating in red however you’d like is a great way to go to add to your celebration!

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