Eat Dark Chocolate and Get Your Daily Calcium at the same time. Really. Please sign me up!

I promise you are will love this new way of consuming your calcium. Move over chalky tasting chewables and hello to dark chocolate calcium supplements. These new yummy premium all-natural milk & dark chocolate calcium supplements from Adora are delicious. Honestly they taste so good it’s seriously hard to believe it is truly a supplement for calcium. When I think of chewing my dose of calcium I think of chalky tasting chewables or swallowing gigantic horse pills that strike the fear of god in me that I will certainly choke to death in my efforts to maintain bone health.


To say I’m obsessed with Adora’s “chocolate” style calcium supplements is an understatement. You can see the size of the little chocolates in my photo above.

I’m loving that you can satisfy your dark chocolate cravings and consume your daily calcium intake all at once Adora Calcium supplements. After tasting my first dark chocolate supplement I remember thinking please tell me that I could consume a daily dose of 2 disc shaped chocolates as I was wanting to eat another they tasted so sweet.

Adora Calcium Supplement Facts

Gluten Free, No Corn Syrup, No Trans Fats. Each disc contains 500 mg of Calcium and 30 calories. Each disc also contains 250 IU of Vitamin D which is also crucial for bone health for optimal calcium absorption.

Here’s a photo of the nutritional specifics.


Available in both dark and milk chocolate but I’m a dark chocolate gal myself. With a mother, father, and tons of relatives who suffer from osteoporosis, I’m seriously trying to consume my supplements in my 30’s so hopefully I will be able to ward off osteoporosis as long as possible. Thanks Adora for creating this way for me to indulge in chocolate while getting my calcium!

The secret Adora recipe was created by Thompson Brands, a chocolatier with heritage dating back to 1879 – no wonder it tastes so good!

Note: Adora sent samples for to facilitate our review feature. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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