Edible Candylicious Bubbles Video Review #TTPM

WOW! We are ecstatic about Candylicious Bubbles – these bubbles are EDIBLE. Yes, you can literally EAT these bubbles! And they taste genuinely delicious! My kids thought this was their favorite product from the Toy show we attended yesterday in New York City. Who wouldn’t LOVE eating yummy bubbles that taste like grape or bubble gum? So much fun for summer! Definitley add the edible Candylicious Bubbles to your MUST HAVE TOYS of SUMMER list. Check out Edible Candylicious Bubbles Video Review below to see how excited Kenzie and Kyle are about this new bubble innovation.

Edible Candylicious Bubbles Video Review

The kids can’t stop talking about the “Bubbles You Can Eat”. Even 24 hours later, both Kenzie and Kyle are so amazed by Candylicious bubbles and they keep mentioning how surprising it was to eat a bubble that tastes so yummy as normally you expect it to taste like SOAP so the pleasurable taste gives kids even more of a WOW factor. Candylicious Bubbles are safe to eat and non-toxic too! 

Candylicious Bubbles are available for sale almost everywhere – Five Below, Walgreens, Toys R Us, Kohl’s and more.

 Why Do Candylicious Bubbles Taste So Good? How are they Made?

Here’s some FAQ about Candylicious Bubbles with answers from the companies website.

What type of sweetener is used?

Sucralose – this is a common sweetener found in gum, candy. Sucralose is also known as Splenda®

Are Candylicious Bubbles safe?

Yes. The solution is non-toxic and meets all CPSC safety standards.

The ingredients used are found in the production of foods found in the marketplace.

Ingredients are free of the eight major food allergens and gluten. However, the product is packaged in a facility that also handles dairy, wheat, eggs, and soy.

For more official product information on Candylicious Bubbles, visit the Candylicious Bubbles website here.
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