Egg up your Easter Centerpiece 

Looking for easy hacks to create an Easter themed centerpiece this holiday season? Beyond just colorful spring florals, I love to egg up my centerpiece with fun creative Easter eggs. Simple, easy, and effective solution to Easter up my table for the holidays! During the Christmas holidays, I’ll style mutli-colored ornaments in vases or ornamental bowls and in springtime for Easter, I’ll swap out those bright and glittery Christmas balls for beautiful Easter Eggs. Check out how I was able to easily “Egg” up Easter Centerpieces in my own home below.

Decorative Easter Eggs on a Budget

The foil style crinkle cut and glitter eggs are my top picks to stack in a variety of vases or display in a pretty glass bowl surrounded by a spring floral wreath.    I was able to pick up these cute varieties at Walmart – the fancy styles shown below cost only $1.98 per dozen while the plain solid plastic eggs are only $0.98. Cute and inexpensive! 


Easter Centerpiece Inspiration: Style Easter Eggs in Vases or Bowls

Just like during the festive holiday season you can’t go wrong styling Christmas balls in a variety of vases or glass bowls, the same principle works with Easter Eggs. The more festive the egg, the more festive your centerpiece. I love a variety of bright colors and these crinkle cut and glitter eggs from Walmart were so much fun. The centerpieces look cute on a coffee table or your dining room table and provide a gentle touch of Easter without being overly tacky!

Even better, it’s so easy to style vases and bowls, you can put the kids in charge! My kids love celebrating holidays and embrace as any festive decorating tasks I assign. Decorating for the holiday is the perfect way to involve elementary or preschool aged kids in family traditions!

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