Gift Idea: Fast Fun Electronic Party Games from Hasbro

Need a cool hostess gift or hoping to gift fun games to friends or family??? Here’s 3 great game ideas! We are obsessed with the game Catch Phrase and have literally been playing it for DECADES with friends at parties and with family on vacations. For kids 12+ these are also fabulous gift ideas.

Hasbro now has more of our favorite party games updated to new editions and in electronic versions that make for even more fun and fast game play at parties.

Electronic Party Games from Hasbro


Catch Phrase Decades Game, Trivial Pursuit Hints Game, and Taboo Buzz’d are all now in easy handheld pass around electronic style and are all priced at an affordable $19.99. I can’t wait to dive into lots of game play over the Christmas break.

Thanks to Hasbro for sending us these media samples. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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