Elf Outfitters: Style your Elf in an Apron, Super Hero Cape, Luau Kit or more!

Total must-have accessories and apparel for Elf on the Shelf from Elf Outfitters – if you haven’t heard about Elf Outfitters yet, here’s the scoop.

I admit I’m obsessed with our Elf on the Shelf and have been ever since “Charlie” arrived in our lives 4 years ago.

As the kids age and write notes to Charlie, he has become more creative with his antics. Nothing too crazy or difficult, but the kids sure do get thrilled by those snow angels made in flour or the lollipop seeds Charlie gave them to grow in sugar.

This year we were thrilled to see my good friend launch a business to help inspire our creativity with the Elf on the Shelf. Enter Elf Outfitters.

Elf Outfitters sells EVERYTHING to help your elf get styling. Think aprons, tutus, sleeping bag kits, super hero capes, luau kits, and more!

Here is Charlie our Elf flying through our tiny decorative tree sporting his cape.


Priced at $8 each kit comes with a list of inspiration ideas and generally accessories to help you with your scene. For instance, my super hero came also came with a series of sticker masks in multiple sizes so our Elf could wear a mask and so could any of our Toy Friends if they so desire too!

Disclosure: Thanks to Elf Outfitters for sending us this super hero cape to review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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