Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge DVD Rocks!

I adore Elmo. I find him simply irresistible and so do my kids. So we were thrilled to have the chance to see a screening of the new DVD, Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge in New York City last week. The new 45 minute show was a total HIT with both Kenzie and Kyle.

Plus as a bonus, we got to see a performance with the REAL Elmo and Abby puppets. Here’s a photo of Elmo and Abby chatting and singing with us.

Kevin Clash, the Elmo puppeteer and famous voice of Elmo was in the house! So cool!

The kids LOVED the show and our experience. They are still talking about the “Alphabet Challenge” movie days later. This Elmo show is especially great for Preschool kids who need to learn both their letters and their Letter Sounds. Kyle is 4 and this show is IDEAL for him – he loved it and as a parent I especially saw the learning happen in front of my eyes as Kyle was watching the movie.


Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge is totally modern too – in high tech fashion! Elmo and his friends Abby & Telly are transported into Abby’s ” Fly Pad ” aka iPad – and must conquer and win a series of Alphabet Challenges in order to safely return to Sesame Street. Parents will appreciate the humor of each of the video games too as they mimic popular Apps and Video Games. Think parody “Alphabet Challenge games” of Angry Birds to Pacman to Mario Cart to Just Dance.

Hilarious and cute. The kids will love this DVD. Priced at $10.99. Bonus: Download the FREE Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge AR app too! Play games and your DVD will activate other features of the app too. AWESOME and I can’t wait to download this app to my iPhone or our iPad 3 for Kyle to work on his skills!


We heart Sesame Street. The kids are 4 & 6 and Elmo is just as magical now for my family as he was at age 18 months!

Disclosure: Thanks to Sesame Street for inviting us to this preview screening event. We received a free DVD of the new movie during the reception after our screening. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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