Classy Mommy loves the Disney movie, Enchanted! This instant Disney classic is a movie that parents will totally enjoy watching with their children – and perhaps they’ll like it even more as this modern day fairy tale is a bit of a spoof on the classic princess stories with a wonderful twist at the end.Princess Giselle is immediately likeable and irresistible to both children and parents. As is fitting for a 21st century princess, Giselle ultimately decides to choose her own destiny and ends up needing to slay a dragon to save her true love. 2 year old Mackenzie is already singing Princess Giselle’s songs around the house, as Mackenzie pretends to dust and clean singing Giselle’s the “Happy Working Song.” My husband loved it too as this is a movie for the whole family! Releases on March 18th, 2008. For more information, click here. Price: $15

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