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Who else would love Endless Wireless Entertainment on the Road with OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi ? Last month we took the Buick Enclave Avenir on our road trip to Great Wolf Lodge. It was fabulous! The Avenir is a luxurious sub brand that debuted on the popular Buick Enclave so you can imagine this was an awesome vehicle for a road trip. Since we took the Avenir on our road trip, you can imagine my kids most favorite feature – beyond the comfy captain’s seats, was in car Wifi to stream movies for endless entertainment!

The car rides beautifully and is totally smooth – feeling “car like” vs truck like making it a spacious vehicle that is ideal for large families but want a smooth comfortable ride.  Truck space galore, all kinds of fantastic tech integrations as expected with a luxury vehicle, and all kinds of excellent safety features. But since we took the Avenir on our road trip, you can imagine my kids most favorite feature – beyond the comfy captain’s seats, was the in car Wifi to stream endless entertainment!!!

What we Loved about the Buick Avenir

A few of our fave features beyond just the awesome connectivity included the following

    • Amazing trunk space including split 3rd row options
    • Captain’s Seats for the 2nd row – Kids love those!!!
    • 2 Sunroofs – Yay!
    • Dual climate zones so the Kids could control their own environment in the backseat
    • Safety Features that were Automatic
    • Teen Driver Capability – This GENIUS feature is something I’d love to have to monitor my kids driving once they’re 16.
    • Wifi Galore

Endless Wireless Entertainment on the Road with OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi

Woohoo!!!!!!!!! We are living in the future friends and its seems connectivity is an included luxury for everyone in the Buick Avenir. My kids were ecstatic that they were able to log on to the Wifi with their iPads and laptops — and not only be online but to have a strong enough connection that they were able to stream movies via Netflix. HOORAY!!!

I never once heard, “Are we there yet?” since Kyle and Kenzie were relishing the time to stream their fave Netflix series!

Official Info about the Buick Avenir

Inspired by Buick’s award-winning concept vehicles, the Avenir sub-brand is distinguished by exclusive styling cues and premium materials where they matter most. The Avenir model comes standard with extensive active safety, connectivity and luxury features for customers who want the most, all packaged for a simple and convenient buying experience. We thought of everything so our customers don’t have to.


The Enclave has an air ionizer that eliminates odors and provides higher air quality. It works by producing negatively charged particles that attract air-borne contaminants and break down their structure, cleaning the cabin air. The ionizer can help address external and internal odors and reduce bacteria, viruses, dust, debris and pollen, while also helping improve driver alertness. It requires no maintenance or filter replacement.


The new 2018 cabin is engineered to further minimize unwanted interior noise through its honed exterior shapes, sealing and sound-deadening acoustics and strategic use of materials throughout. QuietTuning and active noise cancellation enhancements help to reduce, block and absorb noise, keeping it from entering the cabin. A 10-speaker Bose Premium sound system with new components, new tuning and a redesigned bass enclosure further enhances the sound experience.


OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi is available in the Buick Enclave. Another feature is the myBuick app that is designed to help Buick owners maximize their vehicle’s overall performance and become better drivers.

Notable Avenir features (on all Avenirs)

· Distinct upper and lower grille texture and chrome wings

· Unique wheel design

· Exclusive interior color theme of Avenir Chestnut with ebony accents

· Embroidered headrests

· Unique floormats

· Avenir scripted sillplates

· Avenir exterior and interior badging

· Standard Moonroof

· Standard Bose Premium Audio

· Standard 8-inch Color Touchscreen with Buick Infotainment and Navigation

· Standard advanced safety features: Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Keep Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert

· Wireless charging

Thanks to Buick for loaning us the Buick Avenir for 4 days to use on our ride to the Great Wolf Lodge. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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