Escaping Winter with Bahama Breeze’s New Legendary Cocktails

It’s frigid this week in Philadelphia so I was thrilled for the chance to escape to Bahama Breeze for a tasting event to sample “new” legendary cocktails added to their menu. New & Legendary might sound like a contradiction, but in this case it’s not….. Bahama Breeze added new cocktails to their menu and what I didn’t know is that all of Bahama Breeze’s cocktails are literally based on true legendary cocktail recipes from the Caribbean.

I actually hadn’t been to Bahama Breeze in a a few years and forgot just how much I love the island vibe. I will be back again very soon for sure now!


We sampled delicious rum drinks – my favorite was the Yaka Hula Hickey Dula shown above. Super tropical. Yum!

We also devoured these appetizers – they were all excellent but the coconut crusted onion rings with a tropical sauce was divine.


This Daisy Santiago was a STRONG drink and is derived from an original recipe of Bacardi’s. Kind of like a mohito but this version includes Chartreuse liqueur -considered the drink of eternal youth – perhaps it has anti-aging qualities too?




 Thanks to Bahama Breeze for sampling drinks and appetizers for myself and a guest so we could taste their new menu items. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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