Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System

If you are throwing a party, and want guests to self serve their drinks, this Esio Beverage System, sold at Walmart for $199, is a unique option and one I had never heard of before. It is super easy to use as you literally just drop in your multi-serve E-Pak – and yes this pack will serve many guests compared to the system I currently use which is service by the cup.


It does the following:

1. Adjust the strength of your drink with a easy turn of a dial. Strong, weak or something in between

2. Holds 14 cups (8 oz servings) compared to drink systems that are by the cup.This means it is more Earth Friendly too – Each multiserve e-pak prevents more than 6 plastic bottles, 14 single serve cups or 8 soda cans from sitting in a landfill. Excellent!

3. Tons of choices – And you can switch instantly from hot coffee to ice cold lemonades by swapping out the packs thanks to their dropndrink patented technology.



4. Country Time Lemonade, Crystal Light, Maxwell House, Vita-24 Fitness Water, China Mist Iced Tea, and many more flavors are available.


There are many healthy low cal options too which is excellent for the summer – lemonade will be a hit for my kids! I also love the eco-friendly angle and the huge variety of choices in general – plus the hot cold technology is very innovative.

The only difficult issue is that the Esio Beverage System is indeed quite large and heavy so will take up a very big amount of precious counter space – and when your not using it to entertain at a party, you’ll need to come up with a storage option – and likely need someone strong to carry it for you! I wasn’t able to lift this one myself so definitely needed to recruit my husband in the process.

Discloure: This is a sponsored post from Walmart. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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