Everything Back to School Supplies from SchoolSpecialty.com

Who else struggles to purchase those hard to find items on your child’s back to school supply list? Get Everything Back to School Supplies from SchoolSpecialty.com. My kids list is LONG and somewhat random with really specific items from thin tip highlighters or sharpies to no-odor dry erase markers in every color of the rainbow! Instead of driving all over town to buy and check off everything on the list, SchoolSpecialty.com tries to make it easy by being a one stop shop for school supplies, teacher supplies, and all that parents need to set up their own back to school command center. Take a peek at our video with the goodies they shipped us!

The website for School Specialty is easy to navigate and has EVERYTHING you could possibly need to fill out your child’s backpack and your at home parent command center too. Learn more at SchoolSpecialty.com.

SchoolSpecialty.com Supplies Galore

I love how SchoolSpecialty.com sent us 3 different kits — one for students, teachers, and parents. The website is so full of everything you need you can just customize your order to include whatever it might be that you need to kick off the school year.

Everything Back to School Supplies from SchoolSpecialty.com

Get Organized for Back to School

Parents totally need to get organized for the new school year and in our house helping my kiddos get organized is a big part of my job. I want it to be easy for them to do their homework and find all the supplies they need in our own house too! I like to set up a study center for the kiddos that has all their pencils, scissors, erasers crayons, colored pencils, rulers and so on that they might need to complete assignments. It just simplifies the process so they aren’t rummaging through the entire craft closet to do their homework!


Both teachers and parents need that command center – from calendars to the perfect pens and post its to create to do lists to help us get the job done!

My son Kyle is crazy for the Noise Cancelling headphones – these can be hard to find in stores and nowadays all of my kids always need them for the classroom for computer work and assessments. And since these arrived before the school year starts, Kyle has been loving them at home watching Netflix on long car rides without any highway noise distraction LOL 🙂


Clipboards are great for doing homework on the go and something I love to add to my kids back to school lists. And I love the combo pens that have 4 colors of ink – easier than buying multipacks of every color school requires!


For active energetic kiddos this is a really cool option – bouncy bands! You put them on the child’s chair and it’s a nice easy way to bounce and fidget without being distracting in the classroom.


Visit  SchoolSpecialty.com and see all their great options for school supplies.

Note: This post is sponsored by School Specialty and KidzVuz. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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