Experience the Downy Difference – Laundry Tips, Video & Giveaway

If you are not using Downy fabric softener when you do your wash, I promise your laundry routine is missing 1 major key ingredient that truly will make your clothes softer and smell fresh longer. Downy will transform your clothing and your laundry routine.

I’ve been a fan of Downy for years now, but I was tasked to take the Downy Difference Challenge with this blue soft cotton t-shirt using Ultra Downy April Fresh fabric softener paired with Downy Unstoppables – which are scent boosters you pop directly into the washing machine.

Did you know that Downy Unstopables in-wash scent boosters can be combined with liquid fabric softener to keep fabrics smelling fresh for up to twelve weeks out of storage? Awesome!

Take a peek at my results and watch for laundry tips so you can transform your laundry with Downy too.

Honestly, Downy is incredible. It makes my entire laundry room smell so fresh and of course my clothes and towels are ultra soft thanks to the fabric softener.

So why does Downy work so well? I always like to learn the science behind products. Downy contains softening molecules called “BFA” that deposit on the surface of fabric to soften clothes to make them more touchable, wearable and enjoyable.

So that’s why you can FEEL the difference with Downy! Bring on the softness!

And we’ve got a giveaway for 2 lucky ClassyMommy readers to win. We’re giving away a Downy Difference Kit which include an Ultra Downy April Fresh fabric softener, Downy Unstoppables, and a Downy blue t-shirt along with a $50 gift card so you can buy more clothing so you can transform the softness and scent with Downy.

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Note: Thanks to Downy for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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