Sampling Disney Cruise Line’s Remy – Fanciest Meal of my Life!

If you ever sail on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, eating at Remy is MUST DO DISNEY at its finest.

Last week in New York City I had the chance to sample the brand new menu for Remy, the ultra gourmet restaurant on Disney Cruise Line’s two newest ships, The Dream and the Fantasy. Let me tell you, the food was incredible and without a doubt, it was the most gourmet and expensive food and wine that has ever crossed my lips. The seafood and chocolate dessert were divine. To die for!  My mouth still waters just thinking about my meal days later. My evening was beyond fascinating as besides devouring this incredible food, I also was able to dine with the man who literally manages the orders for all the food  on Disney Cruise Line. I learned the most fascinating tidbits that will merit another blog post entirely.

What is Remy?

Remy is a gourmet French inspired restaurant on the top decks of the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream that is exclusive for adults. Reservations are required and guests must pay a fee to experience this multi-course meal however, at $75 a person it is literally a total steal as Remy serves some of the finest and most expensive cuisine in the entire world. You can also order wine pairings starting at $99 per person for each course which is also an excellent deal for the high quality fine wines they serve and match perfectly to each course.

If you dine at Remy, this is the view you’ll enjoy during your gourmet adult exclusive meal. Breathtaking! Remy also serves Brunch on Sea days as well – and it sells out fast so if you have interest, book your brunch and dinner for Remy at the time you book your cruise.

Remy takes its name from the tiny French star of the hit Disney•Pixar film, Ratatouille. Isn’t that cute? I love it and my kids were impressed when I told them the origin of the restaurant’s name when they heard about my menu sampling in NYC last week.

Our meal was prepared by the actual French Chef that designs and creates the menu for Remy. Remy’s menu was created by Chef Arnaud Lallement from l’Assiette Champenoise—a Michelin 2-star restaurant just outside Reims, France—and Chef Scott Hunnel from award-winning Victoria & Albert’s at Walt Disney World Resort.

Here I am posing with the Frenchman Chef Arnaud Lallement. He was so sweet and let me tell you he is clearly one of the best chefs in the world. Outstanding food and I am a huge fan of his creative seafood dishes which I’ll show photos of below.


My favorite was the white wine and champagne we enjoyed. Some of the best wine and champagne of my life!


Check out this delight. Langoustine. Simply wonderful and it was flown in fresh from Scotland to prepare it for our meal. If you are a novice foodie like myself,  langoustine is essentially a little itsty bitsy mini lobster and tastes like lobster too. Super yummy and definitely try it if you ever get the opportunity.


This dish is some type of unbelievably amazing gigantic scallop topped with some of the finest truffles.


Minnesota Elk. Delicious and perfectly prepared, however, I’m partial to the seafood dishes vs. the Beef. When you dine at Remy, they explained to me that  you can choose from two selections for your courses – one is more heavy on seafood and one is more heavy on meat. You could order both, as truly you can eat whatever you desire when you go to the restaurant, but what many couples do is have a husband and wife order each line up so they can sample everything. Great idea!


Iwate Beef – the finest beef in the world which comes from Japan. It was sooooo good. And an Oxtail Ravioli that is yes indeed made from oxtail. This was a new dish for me, but I absolutely loved it much to my surprise and initial trepidation at the thought of eating the tail of an ox!


And this wine shown below is  beyond top notch. In the $2500 per bottle range top notch!


So, for guests with excess disposable income who want a luxury vacation to thrill the kids combined with the chance to savor world class fine dining and wine for Mom and Dad, Remy has a wine cellar that can not be beat. Wine that costs from $6000 – $25,000 per bottle is indeed available if you so desire. Most guests will obviously opt for the $99 wine pairings as it is certainly easier on the wallet but provides a sampling of gorgeous wines – both reds and whites to match the menu.

Dessert did not disappoint and luckily I saved room as I knew it would be unbelievably delicious. I literally ate every drop of this creation.

Tanzanian Chocolate made from a single bean cocoa.

Delicious beyond description. Paired with Tattinger champagne and hazelnut ice cream.



Check out the full Remy menu online and see photos of the restaurant onboard the ships and definitely add Remy to your “Must Do” Disney list as I’m certain you’ll enjoy one of the best meals of your life while dining there.

Note: Disney provided this sampling of the new Remy menu to it’s media guests in New York City to facilitate our experience and reviews of Remy. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. WOW WOW WOW!!! Truly the extreme gourmet meal. I want to go on that cruise, and definitely have the Remy meal with the pairings.

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