Exploring the Oregon Coast

The kids got their very first glimpse & full out wet experience with the Pacific Ocean yesterday during our adventure to Oregon to visit friends and family. So exciting! I didn’t see the Pacific until I was 24 years old so I took tons of photos and tried to convince the kids that they needed to remember every second of our day!


The Oregon coast is simply beautiful and couldn’t be more different than the Jersey Shore where we typically visit the seashore. Think rocky cliffs, tons of wind, and tide pools, instead of the East Coast New Jersey shore flavor of crowds, a boardwalk and hot sand.


We went to Newport, Oregon and the Yaquina Head Beach & Lighthouse area at low tide for everyone to explore the wild sea life and tide pools. The tide pools  were spectacular and so much fun.

Here’s the kids seeking out sea anemones, starfish, crabs, and mussels. We even saw about 15 seals sunning themselves on the rocks!


The view was gorgeous with big cliffs and lots of wildflowers everywhere too.


We had one of those perfect days too where all the stars align and the weather is brilliant, the activities were exciting and everyone was healthy and happy to enjoy every second of it.

Kenzie and Kyle have been traveling a ton but somehow they are able to keep up the pace, the smiles and absorb all the fun.

But the best of our trip has been the chance to reconnect with my best friend from college and have our children become the bestest of friends literally overnight. Here’s everyone holding hands during our lunch in town yesterday – so cute I love it!


And Kristin and I posing for a photo under the lighthouse – we’ve been friends for over 18 years.

If only Oregon was closer to Pennsylvania……..


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