EZ Bat Baseball Toy

With this genius E-Z bat from Monkey Business Sports, every kid can hit a home run. This unique bat is lightweight and has a special "donut" style ball that slides off the bat when the kids swing so they can get a real feel for their swing and hit it out of the park so to speak. You can pitch this ball as well as just practice or play games with it starting on the bat. With my 2 and 4 yr old we didn’t pitch, but instead let them use the ball right off the bat so they could for the first time in their lives really hit and run the bases. We loved our free sample and I think a $16 investment in this product is a great value as it will build your child’s confidence and begin to let you really teach your little ones how to play baseball. Here is our video review of E-Z Bat. Enjoy! Thanks to Monkey Business Sports for providing a sample to facilitate this review. For more information, click here. Price: $16

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