Family Movie Night: Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Full speed ahead! We are gearing up for the holidays at a record pace this year after Halloween. The kids are just too excited for all things Christmas and since these childhood moments are so fleeting, we’re embracing the holiday spirit full force to maximize everyone’s enjoyment.

Here are the kids super surprised and excited to open a package on Thursday full of all the ingredients to have our own family movie night – popcorn, cool popcorn containers, caramel corn, and a holiday themed DVD – Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure.¬†


Here are the kids sporting their adorable Gingerbread Pajamas on Friday night after dinner as they prep for our Family Movie night. At almost age 4 and 6, these cuties couldn’t be more ready to embrace the holiday spirit and every story or tale about the season.

This is the perfect movie to get in the mood for the holiday.


The Kids final verdict on the flick …. they gave it a rave review. The story is about an Elf who lost Santa’s Toy boy and needs the help of a young boy and Beethoven the dog to rescue the magical toy bag to save Christmas. There’s also a nice Mother/Son story involved too. The kids were most impressed with the talking dogs (or ability for the Elf to understand the dogs “barks”) and of coure the actual Elf. I also thought the movie was very cute for kids and it 100% kept their attention for the 80 minutes.

Kyle’s final comment ¬†before going to bed after the movie ended was a plea for us to pretty please decorate the entire house for Christmas while he was sleeping as he was just sooooo excited to get ready for the holidays. Love it!


Here’s Dad cuddling with Kyle. The kids are seriously just too cute at this age. I don’t want it to ever end as they are still totally little, silly, cozy and cuddly – and oh so excited to do fun things with us as a family.

As they get older, I know this will pass…. boo hoo!



Disclosure: We received this family movie kit and the movie Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure as a sample product to facilitate our review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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