Fashion Friday: Bikinis to Bandeaus: 5 Swimwear Brands You Don’t want to Overlook

I have landed the most fabulous bathing suits this summer! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect bandeau and sometimes they are hard to find. Well not this year. Ralph Lauren did the most perfect Blue bandeau bikini top, shown below. His swimsuits are always cut amazingly. The fabrics are nice and lay right.

J.Crew for swimwear this year has surpassed some of the other brands I used to buy. It’s all trial and error but I succeeded when ordering this time around. I found the Fanfare print on sale in a wide band halter, sorry no longer available online but their new prints are to die for!

And last but not least, Burberry, one can never go wrong there. Any Novacheck print looks fabulous. I tend to save that suit for a vacation sans children.


Burberry bikini bathing suit

$180 –

J Crew one piece swimwear

$118 –

Juicy couture swimwear

$40 –

Ralph lauren swimwear

$33 –

Ralph lauren swimwear

$65 –

J Crew stripe swimwear

$56 –


There are so many styles to choose from, it takes some searching but once you find the right style and brands that work keep going back. Here are my top five brands of swimwear that I go back to every year:

1. Malia Mills, hard to find but are great basic suits that fit wonderful. Sometimes you can get lucky finding her stuff in TJ Maxx

2. Juicy Couture if you can find the right cut go for it and they also make a great tankini.

3.  J.Crew, a huge selection, usually great sales and free shipping back and forth. Not to mention great fit

4.  Ralph Lauren can do no wrong when it comes to his swimwear. Check out that new bandeau, it’s magical

5. Burberry is fabulous for travel, chic and not too expensive for a designer.

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