Fashion Friday Kids Preview: Hurley for Girls & Boys

Video & photo sneak peek! Fashion that is comfortable – I love Hurley.

Last week, I toured the showroom at Kid’s Headquarters when hosting a breakfast for bloggers in New York. We had a fabulous intro to the Hurley brand – plus I saw a sneak peek of all these 2013 Spring styles for the girls& boys. Hurley is literally rooted in beach culture and the brand strives to continually evolve and innovate. They told us that Hurley employees show up for work in the California office with wet suits drying on their car as they’ve literally been out surfing in the morning. Sounds like a great place to work huh?


Kenzie would adore these tee shirts – aren’t they hip and sweet at the same time?

Here’s a video showcasing the new trends and styles of Hurley:


The brand has expanded the board shorts too – check out these awesome shorts that are perfect for gym, lacrosse, and other sports in these bold colors and patterns. Very cool.



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