Fashion Friday: Monsters University Edition #MonstersUEvent

Check out these scary cool fashion finds from the Monsters University Campus Store in Monstropolis. Couldn’t resist sharing these threads and I hope I can buy a few of these spookily adorable goodies for the kids and I after I begin classes at Monsters University next week.

Yep, you really can BUY most of these items online at the MU campus store right here. (Check out will indeed take you to the

I’m loving the Vintage Tee Shirt ($29.50) for myself but the 4 Arm Hoodie is just right for the monster set.

If you have a tot, also known as a “future scarer”, I’m sure they will look super cute in this MU onesie.

Monsters University hits theaters on June 21st, 2013. Follow along with my adventures at the School of Scaring next week on Pixar’s branch campus of Monsters University – I’ll be posting to the hashtag #MonstersUEvent.

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