Fashion Friday: Rompers and Board Shorts

We spend our summer days poolside so I opt for casual styles that are on trend and easy on my wallet for 9 year old Kenzie when I’m freshening up her summer wardrobe. This season, Rompers and Board shorts are hip, cool and in style. Check out our photos for these super affordable and fun fashion finds for little girls that we picked up on a budget at our local Walmart.

Rompers and Board Shorts

We picked up a Faded Glory Romper and two pairs of OP Board Shorts options, and this whimsical Pineapple Tank top by Faded Glory for Kenzie to wear over her swimsuits on the way to and fro swim practice and when hanging around the country club. Take a peek at our photos and see the details below.

These board shorts from OP and sold exclusively at Walmart for only $4.97 are fantastic. All kinds of bold and bright patterns are available. The board shorts are featured in the Walmart weekly sales flyer too since they are such a low value price.

This Faded Glory romper is featured at Walmart and for only $6.44. What a steal for this stylish and super comfy complete outfit for my 9 year old. We both think it looks cute on, and Kenzie thinks it feels really cool to wear all one piece. (Note: Although she definitely thinks going to the bathroom in a Romper is a big pain for sure ha ha ha!)

The OP Board shorts are available in brilliant colors and patterns. We bought Kenzie a size 7/8 since she is 9 1/2 however, these are very large on her waist so she needs to roll them over. We find waists and bottoms tend to run huge at Walmart so definitely size down 1 or 2 sizes if your kids are on the lean side.

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