Fashion Friday: Run Disney Princess Style

Next week I’ll be gearing up to run the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon on Sunday the 26th and my entire family is going to run the Royal Family 5K. I hear that everyone literally gets all dressed up like Princess to run this race – from skirts to tiaras to full fledged Disney princess costumes.

Here’s some ideas with Disney’s official 2012 Princess Half Marathon merchandise along with some “tutu” skirt options too.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Disney hair accessory
$20 –

Costume Collections | Girls | Disney Store
$45 –

Cinderella Tutu for Girls | Pretend Play | Disney Store
$35 –

Shoes | Clothes | Girls | Disney Store
$11 –

Halloween | Theme Park Products | Disney Store
$35 –

Lots of the larger sizes in little girl stuff is sold out now on, so I may actually be wearing a sparkly skirt of Kenzie’s that fits. Kenzie helped me find a skirt of hers to wear- thank god for elastic waists so I can get it over my hips! – along with a cute Tinkerbell ponytail holder.
I can hardly wait for the magic of running a race full of Disney entertainment and now my 6 year old is SUPER EXCITED to run her very own 5K with me the day before and earn her own glorious finisher medal.

Time for Disney Magic and turning my running self into a “Princess runner!”


7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Run Disney Princess Style”

  1. The Royal Family 5K sounds like a ball (ha!). I wish we were joining you, but the timing just isn’t right since I’m 33 weeks pregnant. 😉

    P.S. Has Kenzie been training with you? Will this be her longest distance? So proud of her!

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