Fashion Friday: The Knot Genie

Have you heard of it? It’s supposedly a miracle.

I might actually agree with the wonder. Seeing how this revolutionary brush named “The Knot Genie” took out the insane knots in my 5 year old’s hair last month at the hairdresser – in about 5 minutes, I suspect this  brush works as well as everyone claims.

The hairdresser at our Snip It’s Kids Salon was raving about it when I asked her what she was using to glide through Kenzie’s hair….It’s a small handheld flat type brush and all the bristles are various lengths to help detangle with ease.

I immediately wanted to buy one. But….  she sadly said they were all sold out.

And that she’d could add me to the waiting list. What ?  A waiting list for a brush?

That was 3 weeks ago, and I’m still waiting!

So yes, this is one popular brush.

I might just give in and order online for $19.99 but I was hoping to avoid paying shipping and get it for less. I’m surviving without it for now as we bought amazing Detangler spray, and cut about 5 inches on Kenzie’s hair that day – due to the copious knots and inability to really deal with the mess, the drama, and the upkeep of having a 5 year old with super long hair – who had ZERO desire for us to brush it.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Knot Genie”

  1. I’ve just found your blog (through Chester County Moms blog) and will be checking out your book – congrats! I have GOT to get me one of these brushes for my daughter! She’s 9 and it’s been a constant struggle (and many, many tears) to get any kind of comb or brush through her hair. Detanglers only get us so far. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check out Snip-Its before going online.

  2. I am a sales rep with the Knot Genie who handles all of the Snip-its accounts. Please let me know which Snip-its location you visited so I can contact the owner.
    Thank you so much!

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