Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Video Review and Demo

For girls obsessed with mermaids, they will LOVE the Fin Fun Mermaid Tail. Fin Fun’s design pairs a monofin with a stylish mermaid tail that’s available in 10 color ways. This mermaid tail makes for swimmingly good time. Take a peek at our Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Video Review and Demo. Prices vary depending on the color tail you select between $39 to $54. Kids absolutely LOVE the mermaid tail experience and be prepared …. everyone at the pool will be excited for their turn to try it out too.

Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Video Review and Demo

How fun does this look? So fun right??? Kenzie loved it.

The bottom of the mermaid tail is heavy as the monofin is very sturdy so it will take kids a bit of getting used to as they first start wearing it. The feet will just push that flipper along. And obviously you’ll be dolphin kicking away once you start swimming Mermaid style!



Sizing of the Mermaid Tail

Kenzie is a small, lean, and muscular 10 year old so we selected the size 10. So I’d say Fin Fun probably is true to size or a bit larger than the age listed based on our experience. This seemed to fit her just fine as it all worked for her swims today.  However, she definitely had plenty of room to spare and grow.

How to Wear the Fin Fun Mermaid Tail

We thought it was easy to put on and apparently this design is extra safe relative to other options on the market as the feed aren’t strapped in -you insert them into a sock like structure that is part of the  monofin. You’ll want to follow these steps to put on your gear before your swim.

1. Put on your mermaid tail

2. Slip your monofin into the bottom of our tail

3. Insert you feet into the fin

4. Carefully cover up your monofin with your GORGEOUS mermaid tail. Here’s Kenzie’s friend Chloe and her brother Kyle helping her get her fin all organized.



More Key Details about the Fin Fun  Mermaid Tail

1. Available in ten colors
2.Great for kids 6 and up…and even comes in adult sizes.
3. They sell bikini tops to match too! (note: bikini tops are sold separately)

Note: This product was provided by KidzVuz for review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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