Find Out Your Babies Gender at 9 Weeks with @PanoramaTest

When you were pregnant, did you find out if you were having a boy or a girl before your delivery??? I’m from the camp of Mom who could NOT wait to find out what I was having. Which wasnt’ until my 20 week ultrasounds! Did you know now you can find out your babies gender as early as 9 weeks? Wow!

I was so surprised to find out that you can now have non-invasive genetic testing done as early as 9 weeks. Pretty amazing! My kids are 7 and 9 and it’s incredible to see how medicine advances.  This is wonderful as I think it will definitely ease the minds of many Moms and also insure our babies are off to a healthy start — and calm all those nerves and if there are any health factors that we need to be made aware of during the pregnancy, parents can begin to discuss them with their doctor.

Find Out Your Babies Gender at 9 Weeks with the Panorma Test


Official Scoop on Panorma Testing

Prenatal genetic screening offers parents-to-be critical health information before their baby is born, and is now available as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy. This new class of screenings, called non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), offers peace of mind for most parents. With this screening, moms and dads can rest easy about their baby’s development and better prepare for what to expect once their baby is born.

Super Helpful Checklist for Pregnant Moms

Being pregnant is beyond exciting and thrilling, but with it also comes all kinds of worry as you become responsible for the life within. And yes, once you become a Mom, those worries will never stop from Day 1 until your babies are fully grown! I definitely worried lots when I was pregnant but loved that I could control many factors to help increase my odds of a healthy pregnancy. Eating right, taking prenatal vitamins, exercising, and of course seeing my doctor for all my appointments or calling their on call nurse to answer all my questions


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