Finding Nemo 3D Movie Review – A Parent’s Guide

A must see movie in theaters for kids and a movie the entire family will adore. Finding Nemo 3D will release in theaters this Friday September 14th for a limited time so add seeing this flick in the theater to your must do list.


I had an early preview of Finding Nemo 3D in Los Angeles last month and fell in love with Nemo all over again! It’s a classic that never gets old and I promise this is one movie both the parents and kids will enjoy. The non stop action and humor make Nemo’s adventure appeal to the entire family.



Finding Nemo is always a story that everyone can relate too as it explores the love between Father & Son and just how hard it is to let our children go explore the great big world. A big reminder to Parents that we must trust our children and let them find their own way as they explore life’s lessons. Eventually, our kidlets that leave the nest will find their wings to soar to success or in this case their own fins!


 The conversion to 3D was brilliant as it heightened the drama of the exciting action sequences – think swimming with Crush, dodging those nasty jellyfish, and joking with the silly Sharks. The 3D enhanced the bright and beautiful underwater world of Nemo and his friends to a whole new level. I’m feeling motivated to go snorkel the coral reefs as soon as possible now!

The Scoop on Seeing Finding Nemo 3D with Kids: 

Everyone always wants to know if their kids will be scared in a film – especially if parents are planning to dish out the cash to take kids to the actual movie theater. I highly recommend this film for children as even very young young children in 2-4 year old age will do great at Finding Nemo. They will LOVE it! And if they are like my kids they will be begging you to take them to see it again!


Also, I always recommend reading a story about the movie to kids 1st before they are introduced to the movie version. This helps my children anticipate the story and relieve their worries about the outcome. Everyone wants a happy ending!

Potential Scenes that might worry your children:

Most of us have likely seen Finding Nemo at some point or another but here’s the scoop to refresh your memory.
Finding Nemo opens with a sad sequence to set up the relationship between Nemo and his Dad as Nemo’s Mom dies prior to his birth in the opening scene. The concept of death can be a bit frightening and sad for kids obviously – but depending on the kid it might just go over their head as well. My kids have not been phased by this at all as the fun action of the movie starts quickly after this scene as Nemo & his Dad are introduced.


As for potential “scary” parts…. there is nothing violent at all – more action sequences which make the movie very exciting for kids and parents.
Think a scary fish is chasing Nemo & Dory along with a scene with some nasty looking Sharks who continually recite “Fish are friends, not food,” as the sharks attempt to befriend Nemo’s Dad instead of eating him. As you can imagine the sharks struggle with one resulting in quite a chase!


It’s all good and I think most kids will do fabulous at Finding Nemo 3D.
Finding Nemo 3D is a MUST SEE family film so get to theaters ASAP as this is only on the big screen for a very limited time.


Disclosure: Thanks to Disney for paying for my travel and expenses to attend the press junket for Finding Nemo 3D. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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