First Day of Preschool Camp

Kyle ventured out on his own today. He was thrilled to be leaving for preschool camp with his sister, but I knew he’d be heartbroken when I left him for his first solo adventure in the real world.

Sadly, as expected he was crushed at my departure. He is a screamer….. I’m anxious to pick him up and optimistic to hopefully hear he had a wonderful day.

He is such a curious cutie, but definitely a very shy boy at heart. At least he had his big sister to keep him company.

4 thoughts on “First Day of Preschool Camp”

  1. Been reading your vlogs and blogs for a few days now. I, My son Sean (5) and daughter, Ana-Elizabeth almost 2, really like this website. Oh and Sean made sure i wrote this: Mckenzie and Kyle’s outfits above are the exact same ones that he and Ana have from Carters.
    Great site classy mommy,
    Boston Mom

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