Fisher Price Kid Tough Portable DVD Player

I took this tough mini portable dvd player – designed with kids in mind for a test run last week. We were ultra impressed with the clarity of the picture and how fun it was to watch a movie – Tinkerbell – on this mini little screen. The entire family will appreciate the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Portable DVD Player when it comes time for long road trips or anytime you need to distract the kids with entertainment – think doctors appointments or boring social gatherings that don’t cater to kids. on long road trips. User friendly and it has the capacity for batteries and/or simply charge it up via the wall unit when at home before viewing. We decided not to "test" the durability by dropping it, but clearly this contraption – covered in rubber – is designed with kids in mind. I’m sure our DVD player will eventually feel quite a few bumps so I’d rather let nature run it’s course. If you’re shopping for a portable DVD player, definitely consider this Fisher Price version for the kids rather than spending money on a version that is not Kid Proof. The kids will love the look and feel of this unit, and you can be confident it will withstand the careless and wild behavior of it’s viewers. Thanks to Walmart and Fisher Price for letting us sample this Top 12 Toy pick for the 2008 Holiday season. For more information, click here. Price: $150

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