FLAVORx Custom Flavored Medicine for Kids

Genius solution! FLAVORx, invented by a pharmacist and his son to help his epileptic granddaughter swallow her medicine, this medication flavoring system is wonderful for children who need to take nasty tasting liquid medicine.  If you’ve ever had a giant battle to get your kids to take their awful tasting antibiotics or other necessary medicines, you’ll love FLAVORx, a fantastic medication flavoring system that improves the taste of medicine and making it much more manageable for your kids to get down. Dozens of flavors are available too – grape, watermelon, lemon and more!  Prior to using FLAVORx, we’ve had some antibiotics that the kids virtually could not take at all unless we snuck it into food so my family is definitely a big fan of FLAVORx. This summer Kenzie used it when she had a severe skin infection and needed some hard core antibiotics that were NOT pleasant to swallow unless flavored.


What is FLAVORx?

FLAVORx is a dye-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and casein-free medication flavoring system that improves the tasted of medicine to help make those yucky tasting medicines much easier to swallow.  FLAVORx is located at all Walmart Pharmacy locations. There are a handful of medications that cannot be flavored due to stability concerns; however the majority of liquid medications including antibiotics and OTC medications can be flavored.


Flavors Available from FLAVORx

FLAVORx has a dozen flavors – from grape to watermelon. Even better, certain medicines taste best with certain flavors, so you can go online and meet FRED, a virtual robot, who will recommend the best flavor options for your specific drug. Sweet! You child – or Mom & Dad – simply check off the flavor they want from the menu and let the pharmacist know.

At Walmart, it will cost $1.88 to flavor your medicine in addition to the cost of the drug. Sounds like a giant win to me as I’d do anything to avoid the medicine battle!




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