Flip Mino HD Video Camera

Pure Digital just sent us the latest Flip innovation – the Flip Mino HD video camera to test and review. Very impressed with this product just as I love their original Flip Ultra. Truly the Flip is 1 of my top product picks of 2008 that I’ve reviewed and think you can not do without a Flip. The basic comparisons are pretty straight forward – the Flip Mino HD is priced at a premium compared to the Ultra but both are super easy to use and share with 60 minutes of film time as I discuss in my original Flip review. However, the Flip Mino HD- like the original Mino is extraordinarly small – the main difference is now you’ve got a video camera with High Definition and widescreen capability which is worth the extra price if your budget can afford it and you plan to use and share videos regularly. Available exclusively at Walmart and Amazon. Classy Mommy Approved! For more information, click here. Price: $200

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