Follow Your Dreams!

I’m so excited to partner up with my friend Stephanie to support her mission in the Lifetime Moms Clean Start Challenge as she begins a journey to inspire women to Follow their Dreams. She plans to host an event in her community to help women network with each other as she is passionate about entrepreneurship like me. We believe linking your income to your passions is crucial to success. Both personal happiness and in this economy it can help us control of our finances and find ways to become financially free. Stephanie will share weekly videos with tips, expert advice, and interviews to help us follow our dreams.

I’m especially passionate about moms pursuing entrepreneurship. I believe starting a personal business venture is the ideal way to secure the work/life balance many women seek. I believe moms have the natural skills to launch their own entrepreneurial ventures online, thanks to technology. Being a digital mom and founding my own website has been the key to me finding a magic middle ground between both being able to work but also spend the time I want with my children.  I can’t wait to hear the advice she has for me and other women as we all seek to follow our dreams and share what we learn along the way!

Be sure to check out her videos here and vote for our team!

The Lifetime Moms are bringing a clean start to their communities- 3 teams will tackle 3 challenges as they aim to make a difference in their communities to Increase Literacy, Boost Kids Self – Esteem and encourage women to Follow their Dreams.  Follow their journeys, vote for the team you think is making the best progress and enter to win $5,000! (Official Rules)

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