For the Love of the Christmas Tree 

When it comes to our top Christmas traditions, chopping down a giant tree at our local farm and decorating it is my families absolute favorite. The kids always beg for a HUGE tree and this year we definitely picked a gigantic tree! Sometimes it just ends up bigger than you realize! Our tree turned out beautiful this year and I absolutely LOVE waking up to this festive beauty everyday. And Mike said chopping this down and putting it up as harder than any race he ran all year since it weighed about 1000 pounds!





1 thought on “For the Love of the Christmas Tree ”

  1. Great post and great blog. Decorating Christmas tree is a wonderful tradition and great time for the whole family. I lived in Montreal all my life and I must say that this tradition is dying because it is not politically correct anymore to do the tree. Now I am in Rome, Italy, and traditions here live on and thrive, the city is beautifully decorated every store and every mall and every house has a tree or two.

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