For the love of the minivan

Kenzie and Kyle are in heaven enjoying the glorious experience of having a minivan. Seriously, both of these kids have been DREAMING of a minivan for years. Toyota heard about their hopes and reached out to me about lending us a Toyota Sienna to fulfill Kyle and Kenzie’s dream. So cool!

Here’s Kyle upon the vehicle’s arrival on Kenzie’s last day of school this week. He went CRAZY! The perks for my kiddos include having a car with a HALLWAY and of course the coveted DVD player and automatic opening doors.


I arranged our loaner to take place when we had a road trip planned for a 4 hour ride to Ithaca NY to attend my college and business school reunion.

I’ll do a full video review later of the car but I’m seriously impressed with the pure functional for a family. It really is the swagger wagon.

The trunk space is GIGANTIC. We had tons of extra room even after generously packing way more than we needed for a 4 day getaway!


Also of course have all the extra seats is a total bonus cause right now I’m currently in carpool purgatory driving an SUV Lexus RX 450 since I can only fit 2 car seats and basically drive around my kids.

The DVD player is AMAZING too. We’ve never had the pleasure of being able to let the kids watch a movie during our long rides as our current cars don’t have DVD players or any entertainment systems. The kids even get their own personal headphones to listen to the movie so Dad and I could listen to music while the kids zoned out into the matrix of kid movies to make the long car ride a joy.


Although we don’t “own” a minivan, the kids classic conversation to me about “WHEN we get a minivan, not IF” has come true. Thanks to Toyota for the awesome experience. The minivan really is a fabulous!


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