Formal Dinner on the Cruise

The best part about a family vacation is the memories and we’re making lots on this adventure. Tomorrow we hit Grand Turk for our 1st day in the Caribbean. I can’t wait to see what the kids think of the clear water.

We were skeptical about formal night on the cruise seeing we’d be bringing our 2.5 yr old hooligan son and our 4.5 yr old daughter with us…. but we had a wonderful time. Kenzie inspired us all with her enthusiasm and she loved the chance to wear her Ariel Princess costume. And it was the perfect opportunity to score some classic family photos.

And another picture in the series  of “where in the world” are Colleen & Audrey…… we have had a string of adventures in the last month!  They always say everything is more fun when you have someone to share it with and I couldn’t be luckier to have a friend like her to share it with.

And here we are with the 6 kids. When they weren’t trying to climb over board they were extremely impressed with climbing the walls.

(Note: Kyle is thrilled to finally be in a crowd of boys. His comments and questions before nap today all involved him confirming that Audrey’s boys are all indeed “boys” and do have the same body parts as him.  Hysterical. )

As for formal night on board, we researched online what to wear and Mike even brought a sports coat but truly the dress code ran the spectrum from prom dresses to girls & tuxes for guys to very casual khaki’s and golf shirts. We were somewhere in the middle.

Kenzie was beyond enthusiastic about the chance to dress up and she even requested I “curl” her hair with the curling iron. She found that process thrilling although the salt water & sea air in our hair did not do much for my styling efforts!

With kids everything is all about how you hype it up. Kenzie said tonight she is having a “humongous great time,”  after her 2 hr stint at Camp Carnival where she was able to Pirate things up with her brother & the boys.

A beautiful sunset.  Walking the decks and finding quiet areas is more our style than participating in some of the organized events that are a bit honky tonk  for our tastes – think hairy chest contest on the pool deck.

However,  if you are single or traveling with a family large group – they are probably more fun and we certainly had plenty of private laughs watching the “hairy chest” competition unroll from our vantage point.

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  1. How fun! Thanks for showing us a bit into your family! I love the pic of you, Audrey and the kids. Of COURSE they all won’t smile! hahaha. Can’t even FATHOM having 4 boys. lol. Safe travels!

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