Formerly Obsessed with Jennifer Garner & Alias

Truth be told. To those who know me well, my Alias “fan status” is no secret. I  think I was probably one of the most devoted fans out there.  It is still my favorite show of all time. I wasn’t a certified obsessed fan or anything crazy,  but I really was like a missionary for the show, known to convince my business school friends that it was the best show on TV.  I’d host Alias viewing parties every Sunday night at my apartment.  I’d read the message boards, search for spoilers, and if I had had a blog at the time, I’m sure I probably would have written weekly show recaps! People gave me weird Alias souvenirs bought from eBay for my 27th birthday – who knew they created trading cards for TV shows?

After just the pilot episode, long before Jennifer Garner was a superstar, I loved her acting and thought she was phenomenal as Sydney Bristow – the stellar secret agent.  I wanted to be her… that is Sydney Bristow.

Back in 2003,  when Mike and I were engaged, we even went to a Halloween Party dressed as Agent Vaughn and Sydney Bristow.  Don’t you love  my pink wig? Mike carried a very realistic fake gun and made us CIA badges too.

Years later,  I can even remember almost wanting to name my Mackenzie  “Sydney” in honor of this awesome TV female character! My husband wisely axed that name quickly off our list. So what is the point of this post? Alias is kind of old news.

Drumroll please……………………………

Tomorrow, 4 year old Mackenzie and I are taking the train up to NYC to have lunch and snacks with the one and only Jennifer Garner. If someone had told me that someday my future daughter (not named Sydney) and I would be meeting with  “Sydney Bristow” aka Jennifer Garner, I would have said they were smoking crack.   Anyhow, in my crazy career as a mom blogger, this is one of the wild perks. We’ll be attending a small press conference with Frigidaire and Save the Children. Jennifer Garner is their spokesperson. The kids are invited to play and have snacks while we chat with Jennifer. I highly doubt Violet will be in attendance although wouldn’t that be cool?

I’d love to bring this Halloween photo to show Jennifer Garner but I do presume she’d really think I was a weirdo stalker. Probably not the best first impression to make on my favorite celebrity mom.

I’m sharing it with you all instead! Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Formerly Obsessed with Jennifer Garner & Alias”

  1. i loved that show too! it was all the cool places she traveled to all over the world and always in disguise. thanks for sharing that fun halloween picture. have a great time with your very favorite movie star and your little one in NYC.

  2. So funny – my kids can’t wait to meet her because they loved her in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past – yes I am a bad mom who exposes her kids to PG-13 movies. Meanwhile, I’m a total sucker for 13 Going on 30. I’ll be right there with you stalking away 🙂


  3. My husband and I LOVED Alias and we went through with it…our daughter’s name is Sydney (born May 2007) as a tribute to a strong woman who can kick butt! Im sure meeting her was a great experience!

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