Franklin Institute Pompeii Exhibit

Must Do Philadelphia! Last week, we visited the Franklin Institute Pompeii Exhibit. It was FANTASTIC!  The Pompeii exhibit at the Franklin Institute is only in town for 1 more week until April 27th so act fast to catch this moving exhibit. I’m personally obsessed with history and the past having been an anthropology major in college so this exhibit was totally of interest to me and it did not disappoint.

The Franklin Institute set up the exhibit to really teach visitors about Pompeii and that fateful day in August 79 AD when this city was buried forever from Mt. Vesuvius’s violent eruption.

Pompeii exhibit Franklin Institute

Kenzie, age 8, and Kyle, age 6 of course LOVED the Franklin Institute, but they were also interested in the Pompeii exhibit. Kenzie especially was fascinated seeing the artifacts that have been uncovered. During the tour you’ll go through several rooms. It opens with a video and then giant doors that open up which reveal an atrium that makes you feel as if you are transported to ancient Pompeii Italy. After you finish the artifact exhibits, you’ll see a short movie that literally takes you through the final hours and day that shook Pompeii and hid this city for almost 2000 years.

Then, the final room presents casts of the victims along with stories of where they were found. Incredible. Very moving. And my 8 year old really soaked it all in. Kenzie was beyond moved.  She even left the last room with her eyes welled up in tears as she realized the historical tragedy of it all.

What a learning experience!

Franklin Institute Pompeii Exhibit Video

Take a peek at the Franklin Institutes trailer about the Pompeii exhibit to learn more details.

Note: Thanks to the Franklin Institute for providing us tickets to see the Pompeii exhibit and visit the museum. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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