Free Printable Elf Tent

More free elf printables! Download this Free Printable Elf Tent for your Elf on the Shelf. This idea is a another super simple Elf on the Shelf set up that you can quickly put together.

Add a sleeping bag and pillow for even more magic. You can order an Elf sleeping bag online for about $10 or less or create a DIY sleeping bag with flannel or felt!

Create an elaborate full out camping scene or just use the Free Printable Elf Tent to create a simple tent set up on the Kitchen counter like we usually do at my house!

Free Elf Tent Printable

More Easy Cute Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Classy Mommy has lots of fun cute and easy ideas for your Elf adventures. Here’s a few links if you need inspiration or more free elf printables!

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Free Printable Elf Tent

You can print this for FREE with a color printer at home. Use card stock for a sturdier tent or just use regular paper too! I made our tent with regular paper and reinforced it with a few popsicle sticks to get it stand just right.

The Elf on the Shelf shares all kinds of free creative ideas on their website. It can be hard to navigate or search to find just what you need, so I’m sharing elf printables below so you can download without spending hours searching for just what you need.

Add a Sleeping Bag and Pillow

Yes, we do indeed own a sleeping bag and pillow for our elf. Our elf Charlie uses this quite a few times during the month of December!

Free Printable Elf Tent

You can buy all kinds of cute options from Claus Couture online or from individual makers on Etsy too. Some of the items on Amazon that are not Claus Couture (this is the name of the official Elf on the Shelf line) do look a little sketchy, but I’ve had great success ordering from Etsy or via Claus Couture.

Do you own lots of props for your Elf? We have a handful of fun outfits like Snowman Pajamas, a Star Wars PJ outfit, a Hawaiian Shirt, and our elf Charlie even has a Fishing vest!

The fishing set up is pretty hilarious and beyond easy too. Just use a straw, string and swedish fish!

If you don’t want to buy something, it’s easy to whip up your own pillow or faux sleeping bag for your elf. Simply use cotton balls or colored felt to build a simple pillow and sleeping bag sized just perfectly for an Elf!

How to Download your Free Printable Elf Tent

Here’s a preview of what the Free Printable Elf Tent for the Elf on the Shelf looks like below. You’ll actually print 2 pieces of paper and connect both of them after folding to create your Free Elf Tent Printable.

Use our DOWNLOAD link located below to properly print so you have the right size and resolution for your Free Printable Elf TentFree Printable Elf Tent.

Have fun creating a magical scene with your Elf to surprise the kiddos! My kids adore our creative set ups and love when the elf makes mischief!

PRINT HERE after you use the download button link below.

Free Printable Elf Tent

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