Free Printable Winter Word Scramble

Download our Free Printable Winter Word Scramble to keep the kiddos busy or holiday guests entertained with a brain teaser. Some of the words are easy and others will be a bit of a challenge to unscramble.

Our Free Printable Winter Word Scramble is full of winter themed words that work for any “winter” classroom party too as they feature words that are not specific to any religious holidays. The words on our Free Printable Winter Word Scramble having to do with WINTER and the cold season of winter!

Class or family members may need to collaborate to solve all 15 of our chilly themed winter words.

Free Printable Winter Word Scramble

Take a peek at our Free Printable Winter Word Scramble in this image here. To print, you’ll want to download the PDF file via our download and print link below.

Download our Free Print Winter Word Scramble

Just simply click this button to download the PDF and high res version of this Free Print Winter Word Scramble. Enjoy!

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  1. I love your free printable sheets for each season. It’s a fun and easy way for kids to learn. They are colorful and cute. Best of all they are free! Kids can get bored during the holidays and they can play school with these sheets. I remember doing it as a kid and my neighbor who was 12 would grade them! I thought she was the coolest teacher ever. Thanks for sharing these resources, Shalom.

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