Freschetta Pizza: Serve up Frozen Pizza for a Classy Dinner

I profess I’m no gourmet in the kitchen, but I adore hosting friends and entertaining family. This means I’ve learned to always find a way to serve up the most convenient meals in the most classy way possible. Yes even Pizza! So that goes for the frozen Freschetta Pizza we serve up weekly at our house! The kids are wild for Freschetta pizza – and it’s easy to make the meal a bit “classy” and fancier so it feels and tastes like a real luxury.

Here’s our video take on just how serving up Freschetta Pizza looks at our house:

It’s all about a nice serving tray, setting the table, and slicing and dicing the pizza to make it look like a luxury. The taste in Freschetta is all there – and it cooks up as divine as can be in about 12-14 mins for me with my convection oven! Veggies are flash frozen and the sauce is made with real sea salt and olive oil. Yum! Just writing this post make me want another slice!

For an extra touch, I always pair our pizza with a salad for the adults and cucumber slices for the kids too.

Want a chance to win Freschetta Pizza? Here’s the details: 

You even have the chance to win Free Pizza from Freschett for a year!

“Rally for Real Pizza” by pledging to serve the freshest frozen pizza, Freschetta. To boycott blah, submit a photo to the Rally Mosiac on Freschetta’s Facebook Fan Page from until March 30th for a chance to win.

Each week, Freschetta will select 100 winners–to each receive 5 Freschetta Pizzas. And tomorrow, on March 30th, Freschetta  will also select 10 winners who will each receive Freschetta Pizza for a year!

You can follow Freschetta on Twitter here and “Like” them on Facebook here.

Disclosure: I’m a spokesblogger for Freschetta Pizza. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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