Fueling Beach Fun with #GoldEmblem

We only had 48 hours at the beach, but the kids soaked up the sun, sand and surf every second of our mini get away. And as always, the kids love creating “Sand Art”. This time our pretty mermaid got attacked by an octopus!


When we hit the beach, the kids are NON STOP energy from jumping waves, to building sand castles to racing around collecting shells. All that activity means they are starving even more than usual so we always pack a ton of snacks to fuel everyone.

On our last trip, I was extra rushed since it was such a quick getaway so I just snapped up a handful of our fave treats at my local CVS before we left town. Popcorn, chips, graham crackers and of course a few chocolate covered fruit treats to keep in our cooler!





Remember CVS Extra Care Benefits

For back to school snacks or for your next weekend road trip, when you stock up on your favorite CVS Gold Emblem snacks, be sure to remember to stop by the ExtraCare Coupon Center when you first visit your local CVS to get deals you can use that day.

If you haven’t seen what the CVS ExtraCare coupon machine looks like, here’s a quick photo – you’ll usually see it near the front of your local CVS once you step inside.

coupon center CVS

Definitely take advantage of this program if you aren’t already.  ExtraBucks® Rewards are like “free CVS money” that can be used to purchase almost anything in the store.

Note: Thanks to CVS for sponsoring this post and making such yummy treats. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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