Fueling Your Kids for Sports #FindYourHealthy

How do you find your healthy??? I’ve teamed up with CVS to show just how SIMPLE they make it for us Mamas to find our healthy and share it with our entire families. One of my biggest challenges as a busy Mom with active and athletic kids is to always have yummy yet healthy snacks on hand to keep Kenzie and Kyle’s energy high to fuel them for their active lifestyle.

You can see this round up of a handful of my fave healthy treats from CVS. The Abound brand is a staple for my kids (and me!) when it comes to healthy snacking and fueling my kiddos diets. Abound is essentially what I like to tell people is the ‘Natural’ line sold at CVS. Value prices for super healthy foods that include zero preservatives or artificial ingredients. Not only do I not need to worry about any artificial YUCK with Abound, but they also have a great bundle of Gluten free goodies too which Kyle can devour too!

The convenience factor for CVS is huge for me too – I love that I can pop in and out to stock up on dry good snacks without needing a massive hour long grocery store run.

How do you Fuel Your Kids for Sports?

What snacks do you give your kids to fuel them for their activities? We always try to snack BEFORE swim practice if it is right before a meal time and then immediately post workout I also give the kids another snack to help replenish the calories they’ve burned off.

The snack is seriously a super important part of my kids diet. I try to find ways to give them healthy options – from granola bars to dried fruit. The Fuji Apple and Blueberry Clusters are beloved treats for Kenzie and Kyle. They devoured this entire bag post swim workout last week!

Since we’re always on the go – both during the school year and in the summer when it comes to swim team, I’ve found keeping a handful of options in the kids swim bags is the best way for me to assure we always have fuel on hand.

And let’s not forget the classic “gummy treat”.  It might be a bit of a sugar rush, but at least these Gold Emblem gummy candy treats are free all the “ick” and can give the kids pep either during a swim meet or post work out.

These are free of GMO’s too. Hooray! And also free of artificial flavors, colors, gluten, fat or gelatin. So I feel totally cool letting the kids recharge with these on occasion – especially mid swim meet between events when they need that extra energy.

 Fueled up for Swimming

Here’s Kenzie and Kyle styling with their beautiful swim strokes during meets this summer. You can tell they BURN a ton of calories so as their Mom it ultimately comes down to me to keep them fueled up by reminding them to eat. Their both learning to make really smart food choices, but as busy kids having fun with friends, they don’t always remember to refuel if I don’t make it ultra easy or delicious for them!

kenzie fly awesome photos




Boosting Immunity with CVS Vitamins and Probiotics

Did you know CVS also sells chewable probiotics for kids? My daughter Kenzie has been combatting a slew of health problems and on all kinds of antibiotics. I worry about her stomach so recently decided we’d try to start adding some probiotics in the hopes to build her immune system and prevent intestinal woes from the antibiotic drugs she’s forced to take all the time…….. We’ve just started on this adventure of me adding supplements for Kenzie so I’ll have to keep you posted on how it works out in a few months!

Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the #FindYourHealthy campaign. I am
being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my
own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the
appropriate manufacturers.

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