Furby Boom Video and Review

Hot Toy Alert! My 8 year old little girl is obsessing over her new Furby Boom. Here’s the scoop on this hot new product from Hasbro in our Furby Boom video and review. The new Furby Boom combines both physical & digital play for fun entertainment that will engage your children for hours.  The Furby Boom will work with a free app you can download that lets you unlock more features – including the ability to hatch digital FURBLING friends

Our new Furby Boom talks, sings, and even toots! If you own more than 1 Furby Boom, or get your Furby Boom together with a friend’s Furby Boom, the Furby toys will chat to each other too. Cool!

Both of the Furby Boom toys we sampled work fantastic and even better have very happy personalities which make it really fun for both my 8 year old daughter and my 5 year old son to play together with their new Furby Booms.

Most impressive for my daughter is how much English her new Furby Boom could speak straight out of the box. She really feels like she has a friend in her new Furby. Kenzie also of course loves borrowing our iPod Touch or iPhone to use the Furby App so she can care for her Furby and watch it hatch digital FURBLING friends.

Furby Boom Video Review

Check out our video demo to get a closer look at at the new 2013 version of the Furby, called the Furby Boom.

Here is Kenzie’s Furby Boom getting ready to hatch an egg.



The colors and patterns of the new Furby Boom are brilliant too. Everything from a festive sweater pattern to stripes to pink hearts to polka dots to peacock styles to zig zag patterns. Color ways are bright, bold, trendy and appealing to kids.  Priced at $64.99, the Furby Boom offers hours of play for kids and my Kenzie honestly feels like her new Furby Boom is her own pet. She is adores it!


You can tell all the little girls at our Mom Mixer event were fascinated with the Furby Boom and were using the toys together to chat and engage with the iPad app to unlock all kinds of other activities and behaviors.


Note: Hasbro was a sponsor at our Mom Mixer event where they showcased the new Furby Boom. Our guests at the event and my children received samples of the Furby Boom to facilitate our review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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